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Helping parents/caregivers and professionals support the needs of  children & teens through collaboration in treatment

Is Your Child/Teen Struggling? 

Is He or She Having Trouble Focusing, Completing Schoolwork, or Being Motivated?

Is Your Child Struggling with Sensory, Motor, or Speech Issues?

Are You Unsure What Kind of Support to Seek for Them?

We are a group of professionals who work with children and teens to assist them in a variety of ways. Our group includes psychologists who do psychotherapy, ADHD & Executive Function coaching, and formal testing. We also have tutors, educational consultants, college planners, psychiatrists, a speech and language therapist, occupational therapist, developmental optometrist, fitness expert, and other professionals as well.


We have no formal business relationship with each other, but come together monthly to collaborate and often work with each other as part of a team approach to helping specific individuals with whom we work.

Our website is designed to help parents and professionals by providing resources. 

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Our group during one meeting

Our meeting one month that we did as a podcast episode.

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